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tons of restaurants that do well. But my favorite dish to cook, I’ll say, is a simple roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and peas. There’s just something nostalgic about that. It brings that memory back, and everybody has a story. If I cook it for somebody or somebody cooks it for me, I know it’s coming from the heart. Christina Fitzgerald: It depends on which day you catch me on. I have dishes that I like and ones that I’ve used in competitions. I don’t know if there’s a specific dish per se. The job of Food Network Star is a highly specialized one, which is why there are only a select few chefs who are worthy of the title and why 12 hopeful finalists are willing to battle to claim that title in this summer’s fiercest culinary competition. Before those rivals take the stage on June 7 to begin their journey to potential stardom, established pros like mentors Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis, as well as Rachael Ray and Alex Guarnaschelli, are coming together to offer the contestants industry advice in the form

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Lounge-Wood Laptop Stand
by Sell used Laptop
That was so cool :)
Ole Jensen & Claus Molgaard: Family Sofa
by Kathy OBrien
Where can I purchase one of these beds?
Floating Platform Bed from Holger Wissmann
by Jessica antle
Ok it's beautiful and I love it but where do I buy it at?
Ubabub Incredible Baby Bed
by Alexandr Erhmann
Ohh how cute! really gorgeous!
Clamp Table by Ryan Sorrell
by Ida
I love this table - but you don't write WHERE to buy it:)
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